CEWASH Branding & Web Design

CEWASH is a multi-disciplinary development consulting company that focuses on providing sustainable solutions in the areas of environment, energy, climate change, water sanitation, and hygiene. Shift KE collaborated with CEWASH to develop their brand identity and design an informative website that showcases their expertise and services.

Services Provided
  • Branding Strategy

    We worked closely with CEWASH to develop a comprehensive branding strategy that aligns with their mission and communicates their unique value proposition.

  • Logo Design

    Our team designed a visually striking and meaningful logo that represents CEWASH's core values and resonates with their target audience.

  • Company Profile Design

    We created a professional company profile that effectively showcases CEWASH's expertise, services, and project portfolio.

  • Website Design and Development

    We designed and developed an informative website that reflects CEWASH's brand identity, provides a user-friendly experience, and highlights their areas of expertise.

  • Strong Brand Identity

    Our branding efforts helped establish a strong and recognizable brand identity for CEWASH, enabling them to stand out in their industry and attract potential clients and partners.

  • Professional Collateral

    The professionally designed company profile and logo enhanced CEWASH's credibility and professionalism, supporting their business development efforts.

  • Informative Web Presence

    The informative website we created for CEWASH serves as a valuable online resource, providing visitors with comprehensive information about their services, projects, and expertise.